Friday, December 01, 2006

Achewood transcriptions, dogg!

I think this may be one of the highlights of the month. Forget the elections.

Achewood, what i consider to be the best comic on the web or off, is soliciting transcriptions of its comics so that they may be more easily searched.

This is genius, because there is so much dialogue that i could quote but didn't because of the time consuming labor involved.

Now, its "original track and ding, mmmm"

for example, here is a recent strip transcribed:

Wednesday, Nov 29 Ray's Stupid Cell Phone Conversation

[[Ray's Escalade on the road]]
Ray [on phone]: Yeah, man! The fruit salad was hella raunchy! That fruit was ooooold. But that Captain's salami tray was tight, yo. You plump for the roast pork loin, dogg? Oh, proclaim on that pork loin!

[[Pat is revealed to be in the passenger seat next to Ray]]
Pat: If you're going to have a stupid conversation, at least do it when you're not driving!

[[Ray puts phone to shoulder and puts on his serious face]]
Ray: Don't distract me, Pat. Accidents. Crashes. A family is changed forever.

Ray: Sorry Kev. Yo, you try any of the club eggnog? Man, that action was a coma with nutmeg on top. I pour one out for the stick of butter that gave its life to be that eggnog.
Pat: Eggnog isn't made with butter. It's made with heavy cream. Which is still better for you that driving on the phone.

[[Ray puts the phone to his shoulder again, with angry face]]
Ray: Pat! What I tell you! Crashes! Wrecks! A child's pink Converse on the pavement...Is there a foot inside? The police walk up the mother's driveway! I'm serious!

[[Ray is back on the phone]]
Ray: Sorry Kev. Oh! Oh! That bubble-butt bartender! Talk about dumb! Heh--hey, don't get me wrong, I looooove dumb, but that was like "stick two wires in her and she can power a clock" dumb. I mean, you ever seen a bartender thinks Heineken is wine?!

{{Alt text: This is every overheard cell phone conversation ever}}

I've just submitted one for:
Wednesday, Jul 19 Todd is on the Fuck Plan

wish me luck!

If only my final papers were as fun.