Thursday, October 07, 2010

The CL

In response to the trees being taken down and my first reaction to their defenders. The defenders who I support wholeheartedly but can never take seriously.

I feel it's unfortunate that so many good causes are turned to jokes. These folks mean well, I wish their causes worked out. Those causes are my causes. But I've learned that most of my dreams for a better world will be turned into a joke living in a dusty and possibly expensive house with ugly clothes and a vague grasp of eastern religions and native american phrases who clutter public meetings with monologues that parallel how long they've stayed in the house talking to themselves or the similarly afflicted. It makes the world seem like a sick joke. These are the decent folk. But they make heartless and/or incompetent bureaucrats look capable. They make vicious, life-hating conservatives look pragmatic.

Sitting in circles.