Sunday, February 25, 2007

The 'Mats and Me

I decided to wait several dozen years and get into The Replacements. Who are awesome.

I think I was distrustful of this music when i was younger.

But at the same time, now when i hear these songs to sing with a beer, i feel an authenticity. I feel like I should be walking around my austere apartment with wooden floors with barely a couch and a table with a turntable playing 'Mats songs.

Then i realized that i was probably wearing a faded combination of denim and flannel. And Authenticity.

But then I realized I was remembering a video.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jarvis and Kristin

Two music videos that I wanted to point out for two great releases.

First is Jarvis Cocker, the former lead man of Pulp and an idol of mine. This is the video for his latest single "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time", and I believe that the song is pretty self-explanatory from the title. The video is hilarious as it takes on a needless theme and takes the ridiculous theme to an extreme. And the woman is going to Bethnal Green.

It on his album Jarvis! and its coming out in the US on April 3 (see story here:


The next video is from another idol of mine, Kristin Hersh. You know school is driving me insane when i just perchance to see in a record store a NEW KRISTIN HERSH RECORD! What happened to me? I fell off my game. Kristin however, did not do such a thing. Her new solo record is loud, full band-ed, and muscular. I really admire that as time has gone on, a need developed to make things louder and harder. At the same time, not having that loudness be a distraction. Whether she is alone on a stool with an acoustic guitar or pounding and shredding your eardrums with 50 Foot Wave and Throwing Muses reunions, she has a power that scares people. As well as charms.

The song is "In Shock", the first single from the new album Learn to Sing Like a Star which is out in stores, so get it.