Thursday, January 03, 2008

Winter fun (between papers)

During the hell that was trying to finish up papers at Tufts, there was thankfully scheduled a karaoke night at the Do Re Me in Allston. Entertainment was had by all. I seem to have hogged the mic a lot, but twas all in good fun. And a great hangover the next day. and it was back to the library.

These pics are mostly me-centered. For more, please consult your local library or here:
Kim's flickr set
Luba's fotki set
Jess's picasa set

enjoy (my comments below photos):

Kari and I warm up the crowd with a Backstreet Boys song that I didn't know well.

Erin sings beautifully into the beer bottle.

Danielle and I duet to Abba. Multiple times. It was awesome.

Everyone rockin out to Bohemian Rhapsody.
Excellent headbanging hair by Alison.

A committee is on hand to ensure Josh and I sing "On Bended Knee".