Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thing that would've been awesome to be at #1

Crystal Castles live. Doing their remix of the Klaxons' "Atlantis to Interzone".

Crystal Castles' own stuff is awesome as well and will be covered soon. I just needed the sensation of jumping up and down screaming "Aaaatlaaaantis to Interzoooooone"! whilst being blinded by strobes.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Music Mood Swing Friday

Today's mood swingin tracks are:

Portishead: "Machine Gun"

Portishead have a new album, Third, out this month. I haven't paid much attention because I've been hearing for a few years now that Portishead was getting a new album ready. And all this after about 10 years since their last record, in its self-titled brilliance.

So no mind was paid until I saw a studio performance of "Machine Gun". All sins forgiven in my book. It was a little strange at first for me, with its industrial-ish beat. But Portishead is all about atmosphere, and this track is no different. Beth Gibbons's mournful wail = check! Claustrophobic (but rhythmic) arrangement: double check!

Love when the keyboards kick in at the end.


Robyn: "Who's That Girl" (feat. The Knife)

Next up is Swedish avant-pop star Robyn collaborating with brother/sister beatmakers The Knife on "Who's That Girl". A great pop track with a proper dosage of nostalgia on its beats. The Knife definitely have the pop turned way up like on Deep Cuts singles like Heartbeats and You Take My Breath Away. Robyn injects a good amount of her charm into lyrics about the pressures of being a girl compared to the media ideal. The video isn't that spectacular, but whatever. Great track. Great drum major uniform as well.


Actually that was supposed to be it, but you get a bonus mood swing.

The Long Blondes: "Century"

This was a bit of a surprise to me as "Century" is a radical departure for The Long Blondes. After last year's stylistic and rocking Someone To Drive You Home, the Blonde's new "Century" is radically different. Its more based on synths, subtle beats and Kate Jackson's different take on vocals. Very high, very pretty. Some say Cocteau Twins. Who knows. I figure if the last album paid tribute to a certain era of Britpop, with touches of Pulp and Elastica, then why not pay tribute to the new wave. I like it, and I'm willing to give the new album, Couples, a chance even though it seems some reviewers are not feeling as charitable.

You can (should) also download another new Long Blondes track: "Here Comes the Serious Bit", which is catchy and shouty in more traditional Blondes flair. Stream and/or download here:

er.. and here's me and Kate!