Thursday, June 22, 2006

Long Blondes b/w Pipettes

The Long Blondes are to shortly release their new single:
Weekend Without Makeup.

Nice slithery verses with plaintive vocals A rebuke to those in relationships who've let laziness and complacency creep in. You are to be reminded:

"There are wants and there are needs,
and they're two very different things.
You can love or be in love.
Again, they're two very different things!
Yes, they're two very different things!"

Tell it, my wise sister.

The LBs have a very strong batch of 7"s, "Weekend Without Makeup" is the 5th. There will be a record coming out... oh god, sometime this year? i hope.

i dunno. check out their podcast on iTunes. i did.... i did.

i'm not sure if i ripped this whole entry off Pitchfork. i'm tired.


Speaking of whether i'm ripping off Pitchfork,
if i start going on about how cute The Pipettes are...

and how great their girl groups harmonies are, then you will have confirmation. um...

Look below! It's the Pipettes with their new single (buy here w-sunglasses) and video "Pull Shapes". love it.

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Riamixed said...

Okay, the Pipettes are amazing, Jasonic, I'm floored. The Brits have us totally beat in the retro-Motown sound genre, which is a genre that of course doesn't exist.

The Long Blondes I'm a bit intimidated by for some reason. It's like that feeling I got when I would walk into a second-hand clothing shop in Park Slope and I would get all anxious and my palms would sweat for no particular reason. Vocals are nice though.. she sounds like Justine Frischmann from Elastica.