Thursday, July 27, 2006

I don't like semantics arguements

I've noticed a spate of 70s & 80s seminal punk* and otherwise formerly underground acts are touring very soon.

The Germs @ Axis - Sun July 30 - $15
(Apparently a movie is coming out about them, and the problem of Darby Crash, the lead man, being dead for nearly 30 years is solved by having the actor who plays him on vocals, because apparently he did a great job) (and get ready for even more people to have their 'trademark' blue circle as a patch)

Rocket From the Tombs @ TT's - Mon July 31 -$15
(A band that existed for a year and became Pere Ubu and the Dead Boys is back with Richard Lloyd from Television on guitar)

Throwing Muses @ Middle East Downstairs - Fri August 11 -$20
(The show i'm most excited by. You must love Kristin Hersh.)

Rollins Band / X @ Avalon - Sat Aug 19 -$20
(I'm much more excited about X)

Flipper @ Middle East - Fri Aug 25 -$15
(you must have 'Ha Ha Ha' or 'Sex Bomb Baby' on a compilation somewhere)

I will definitely be at THROWING MUSES (and YOU SHOULD TOO).

All these bands (except Throwing Muses, Rollins and X) have experienced the death of pretty vital people. usually singers. but that wont stop em.

i want to go to the other punk revivals, sorta. the money situation is a deterrent. Also is the possible crowd. I envision high school kids invading from the suburbs with make-up and clothing bought from Hot Topic ("TAKE THAT, MOM!"), with precious mall-bought attitude (also from Hot Topic). A few oddly placed crusts. And middle aged men with thick glasses.

Interesting. There's actually no real point to this post.

-- jsnk

* and by 'punk' i dont mean just fast, every song sounds the same, sung by a whiny voiced singer about girls, occasionally throwing in an ironic 80s cover. i've noticed that some of you believe this to be the case. NO. It is actually a mountain you go to when you die and its made of rock sugar candy.


Tatwig said...

re:your comeback show post of August.

You could argue that while Rollins may not be physically dead, like Darby or Milo from the Descendents, he's been in a creative coma since inking his first deal to host on MTV.

How was the Muses show? Any truth to the rumor the Residents are coming back? BOTM has a new record?!? Mission of Burma? The Dictators are doing the last show at CBGBs before it transmogrifies to Vegas? This just in: Elvis is in the building.

Jasonic said...

I believe that everything Henry Rollins ever wanted he has now. People like to talk about him.

The Muses were just walloping. Kristin made my ears hurt with 50 Foot Wave, gave us a rest, then walloped us again. Ending with Vicky's Box and Pearl i walked back in a daze.

Mission of Burma put out one of these years best records i think. Obliterati was just blistering. so satisfying. as are their live shows.

unfortunately you have struck at my ignorance, cuz i don't know much about the Residents. and i'm drawing blank on what is a BOTM.

If Dick Manitoba can pick a fight with some laptop electronic artist, then he has time to play.

Tatwig said...

Yeah, but it's been a long time since Black Flag's "my rules", maybe all for the best.

BOTM = Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - noise and chamber music. They're from Boston so I figured a guy of your tastes knew them. Maybe you do and it's my shorthand that's obscure.

And, the Residents must be heard to be believed. I'm sure you can get "Third Reich and Roll" somewhere digital. Listen and then realize the album is from 1976! It is guaranteed to clear any dancefloor unless Throbbing Gristle or Neu was playing to begin with.

Kristin and the Muses are forever lodged in my subconscious - since "Hate My Way" came outta my radio in 1984 and I had to stop the car just to listen. Good to know she still runs a good show.