Monday, March 12, 2007

Silver Line gets Friday off

J.Airport and I are about to take a trip out west. Just need to get to the airport, involving a simple Red Line to Silver Line connection and we're there. We just need to know what time we should leave.

Thankfully the MBTA's website has their handy trip planner on the front page. Simple. Convenient.

Except that it seems to forget that certain lines exist on Fridays. The Orange Line has not existed on some Fridays.

This time, its a F**k You (Silver Line) Friday. It has been disappeared. On J.Airport's first attempt to plan our trip, you needed to get old skool and take the Red to the Blue Line to Airport Station. Not for me, thanks.

So I try and I learn of a bus that hits up South Station AND the Airport. On its way to Salem.

Well, damn. Why did the T build a Silver Line anyway? The magic number is 459. Forget that Silvery thing above the Red Line. It doesn't exist.

J.Airport points out that on Thursdays the Silver Line exists, but moves in mysterious ways:

Ride the Bus to Terminal A.

J.Airport: Get out of the bus. Get back on the bus. Ride past Terminal C. Get off the Bus at Terminal E. Walk on the Highway ramps back to Terminal C.

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