Tuesday, July 17, 2007


My landlords are an elderly couple. Both 86.

They are nice, but can get cranky and haven't really accepted their oldness.

The husband is out every day working in our little yard and driveway.
He is not in good shape.
The paramedics asked later what ailments he had including heart-attack, stroke, etc.

he pretty much said "yah, all that".

So while i was between class and work and came home, i had noticed that the stones at the edge of the driveway were being moved. a bad idea if i ever saw one.

after a while inside, i heard hollering from the driveway. "HELP!"

i looked out and saw it was Dan on the ground and ran out. i made a mistake because he wanted me to help him up and i did.

i propped him up (incorrectly) and helped him shuffle to the chair, only later realizing that i shouldn't have moved him.

i should have just made him lie down and gotten something to cushion his head with and support his leg.

his wife couldnt hear him
they had the windows closed with a/c and tv on

she was a little out of it at first
when the situation presented itself, she was more in control

but of course leading off with the old people yelling at each other thing.

he was in a good bit of pain, it was awful.

we tried calling family and then we realized that the ambulance needed to be called.

he was relieved to see them.

after the ambulance took him (i'm sure he'll be fine) a cop said we should discourage him from exerting himself.

i've tried. but he just hasn't faced up to reality.

tho the reality sucks and what is it really.

but when you may have broken your hip, its a little too real.

i really don't want to get old.
or at least i want to take care of myself a little better.

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Jonathan Airport said...

Classic mistake, helping an old man when you should be calling the authorities.