Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Remember Jamaica Plain?: Dear Editor

Apparently, when it comes to finding quality public transport, there were really no "good old days".

I understand the frequent answer to an inquiry for some old resident of Jamaica Plain is: "He has passed away; he got his death on the horse cars."

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Remember Jamaica Plain?: Dear Editor


curiously carolyn said...

Wow. I hope I never get my death on a horse car it sounds terribly tragic.

Things were surely different "back in his day" but were they really better? Perhaps this show the past is something to learn from not something to be idealized.

Jonathan Airport said...

If I read between the lines, does this mean BERy was murdering passengers?

"Got his death" please.

Jasonic said...

oops, i forgot to credit Airport with the find. credit!

and that's what i love about old-time descriptions of horrible events. such as private transit operators from the 1800s murdering old men.

the other thing i recall reading about these old urban horsecar services were dead horses dumped in the gutter.

what gilded times.