Thursday, December 20, 2007

bruce banner

this is a prelim design for me new banner.
as i was freaking out over my final paper, for some reason instead of actually finishing the paper, some demon possessed me into learning how to use GIMP, the open source Photoshop alternative.

Its actually pretty neat and I learned some stuff.

But i don't have a real designer's eye. I know what I like in design, but i don't have the years of training, practice, trial and error, etc. that comes with being a real design person. i don't really pretend to be, but still, i like good design, but can never really pull it off.

There are already a bunch of problems i have with this, but it looks good enough for a half hour of trying. it just doesn't pull yr eye in the right way, no flow.

the "entering" biz i thought was cool months ago is distracting. the LED typeface now heavily reminds me of the LCD art for Dizzee Rascal's "Stand Up Tall" single.

the constant futility just reminds me of The Germs 2nd version of the classic "Forming" at the end: "“…Fucking jerk, he’s playing it all wrong; the drums are too slow, the bass is too fast, the chords are all wrong… ahh, i quit”

1 comment:

Soledad said...

so that's what you were doing....(I say while I should be creating a negotiation plan and learning about my negotiating powers or something)

I see you haven't changed the banner...what's up with that?