Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Andy Samberg & The Lonely Island "J*** in my Pants" on SNL

Since I've constantly been mentioning this, I figure I'd make it easy and just post it here.

I proudly present Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island's new SNL Digital Short, "J*** in my Pants". It just might take the #1 ranking from "D*** in a Box", or at least be a close tie. The song is just so brilliant a take on something I can only call "Euro club rap" and a rather heightened version of an unfortunate premature male affliction. I thought the humor would die down for me once the twist of the song (the effect of which I'm trying to keep for you that haven't seen it by the asterisk censorship) wasn't so surprising as the first time I heard it. But no. Its so seriously done. Even things which don't tie in to the theme of the song are funny.
So again, I must say to watch it if you haven't:

Some bonus jams:
And the perfect anthem for white college dorm rastafarians: "Ras Trent"

and fundamentalist love song "Iran so Far"

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