Monday, February 02, 2009

Now Hear Me Out: Jan 26 2009

Some of my friends started a google group dedicated to shouting out our beloved songs, new and old. It's called Now Hear Me Out. It's not really public. Part of the its raison d'etre is to be able to show your love for a song or songs without judgment. Just an occasional thumbs up. While this may kind of limit discussion and people are forgetting to post because of the continual internet habit of starting things and forgetting about them (see my friend Elliott's KC Royals Super Fan blog which will soon be celebrating 3 months of inaction), it still has the ability to compel me to regularly post.

So I'll try to carry those posts here. Here's a recent one (I was a little tipsy when writing this):

Swedish pop. Name the Pet: "Get on the Bus"

Now hear me out,

Don't you wish getting on the bus was this much fun?

Super simple. Very danceable.

Very unlike the local bus the last time its service quality was

Damn Scandinavians. Always lookin out for their people.

while i'm on the subject of this Name the Pet, I want to also shout out her collaboration with The Sound of Arrows, "Falling"

You know, I'm a cynical jaded... cynic, but gosh i wish i had this kind of enthusiasm (esp as shown in the video).

I'm a Scandinavian in my heart. A Welfare State in my soul.


Jonathan Airport said...

Doesn't Scandinavia have nice things because they are xenophobic and homogeneous? See also Japan's nice things.

Nice example of a forgotten blog.

Jasonik said...

I've been thinking about this. Since I didn't actually do research on this like I thought I would in school. In America, homogeneous areas don't like to give anything to anyone. I came up with this when a Republican congressmen decried special education funding as a part of the stimulus package. Obviously this is the time to harvest kids with special needs for food rather than educate them.

Also, in Soviet Russia, blog forget YOUUUUU

Jasonik said...