Saturday, July 16, 2005

How embarassing

I have begun.

Prepare for Sunday. will be debuting the video for "DARE"

a hop-along, dance-in-your-bedroom tune. i'm pretty sure they will be characterizing the character Noodle as the singer with creepy old Shaun Ryder mumbling some catchy samples.

unfortunately you will have to subscribe to their email list. fortunately Gorillaz are awesome! you should want to be involved in all of their doings!


mel said...

oh my god, i'm so excited i almost peed myself - j has a bahlogggg! woo!

mel said...

I also wanted to tell you - Danny put all our cd's on the computer, so I mixed everything up and Kal loves to listen while watching the Windows Media Player.

Anyway, there have been a couple songs lately that I'll hear playing and really like, and when I check the artist/title, it's usually a Bis song.

So, like 5 years after the fact, you have got me diggin some Bis, yay!