Friday, July 22, 2005

Sing-Sing and Viva Voce

The great thing about the current climate of fear regarding mp3s and the internet is that bands who aren't stupid or tied down to a major label can and will post mp3s of their tunes, perhaps their latest single, for FREE. on the INTERNET. tomorrow has shaken hands with today, to paraphrase a Japanese product in Achewood.


First up is Sing-Sing. A lovely UK indie rock pop duo made from the ashes of the great band, Lush. If you go to the website (click on Sing-Sing above), you can download their first single, "Lover" from their new album Sing-Sing & I. I would upload it here so I can be one of those cool mp3 blogs. But I'm new. The song is wonderful. It brings up to me personally what was so great about so-called "Britpop" more than just Union Jack fetishizing and accents. It was the sort of majesty given forth by the great singles of the era. I find this sound more refreshing than the current wave of rehashed American indie rock coming from the UK. (can't stand Magic Numbers). Lovely, awesome, poppy. go DL.

Next is Viva Voce. The cutest husband-wife band I've seen in some time. Their new single is called "Alive With Pleasure". Great title. The song starts out with some great fuzzed out guitar at the beginning, some piano tinkling, insistent drumming, and some "wooo"s in the background. Getting ready for some balls-out rocking. But then the middle comes some sweet notes and sweet lyrics, sounding like the insistent voice in the back of a couple's arguement urging calm. Then the glammy-funk fuzz returns. The mp3 is available right off the site. As an added bonus, the video is available for download as well. It rocks, they're cute, and a great song.

Also, if you haven't checked out the video for Gorillaz' "DARE" you go on to and head to the cinema.

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mel said...

I hate the word "lover" - but it was definitely a cute song, and catchy. The word "mandolin" makes me cry because I've cut my fingers so many times over the past few weeks on my makeshift mandolin.

"Alive w/Pleasure" - I liked the stuff at the beginning and the end, but wasn't into the singing in the middle (I want to say "vocals" here but that sounds like I'm trying to act as if I know what I'm talking about). Maybe if I knew what they were saying, it'd mean more. But it just slowed down too much.

Good point about the potential of mp3s for bands to share their music.