Thursday, November 10, 2005

Space Invaders meet Mega Man


On a cold night in Boston, I walked down Mass Ave over the I-90 overpass near the Virgin Megastore and saw Mega Man charging past. and i said "hoo-wut?"

i looked like yet another crazy man as i pulled my camera out and took flash (because it was night) pics of this feat of awesomeness. Perhaps one person shared my joy enough to point out that i was the 3rd person she'd seen taking pictures of it. Everyone else, however, had only the idiotic city-presence of mind to walk by and ignore everything happening.

Yes, I have a kinship with the little Blue Bomber after guiding him through many tricky levels deftly trying to avoid his destruction. However, this work of art means more than just revisiting boyhood (and teenagerhood, and adulthood) fascinations. This is frikkin cool. Its the kind of street art that is seemingly done to great effect in bigger cities like NYC and in many European cities.

Here is an example taken by someone else in Harvard Square -CLICK-

After getting some comments, I've found that this may be a part of a big international Space Invaders street art meme. ( Check out an example ). Its been taking place all around the world. I think this is much cooler than the pre-packaged bull of the Obey Giant stuff which i found cool for 2 seconds. Though, rest assured, its already packaged itself and at the afore-linked-to website, there are sneakers and posters and t-shirts for sale at ridiculous prices.

Seeing the Space Invader creatures gave me traumatic flashbacks of playing Defender for the Atari 2600. A similar looking game, but light years more technologically advanced. You have to save the humans from getting snatched by aliens and then turned into mutants that mess your s*it up. Playing this game as a child, i couldn't deal with the task of saving the humans from being snatched by the aliens. At the same time, i knew that you didn't necessarily have to do this in order to play. I don't know if you could actually win by doing this, but i basically killed all the humans, thus destroying the planet, mutating all the aliens into really hard to beat buggers and making the game incredibly hard and pointless. It speaks volumes for laziness.


So that was cool.

To see more of my Flickr pics, please check out the link on the right side.

To see the collection of pics of the Space Invader Flickr Pool: Click HERE


mel said...

Now Kal and I have something to work on in our free time.

Off to buy some tiles.

jnkng is my verification word, just thought I'd share. Junking? What does it all mean?

Logan said...

Street Art + Schizophrenia + Stanley Kubrick =

Jasonic said...

oh yes. i have actually seen the one near park st.