Wednesday, November 16, 2005

13 x 19

i'm looking for a frame for a Jay Ryan poster print that i picked up at the Andrew Bird / Martin Dosh show that i went to last night. The print is an odd size, about 12.5 x 19. I have since discovered that 13 x 19 is somewhat available around.

what a pain, i should just back it with poster board and cover it in plastic.

while i was investigating, i saw that someone else on ebay was also looking for a 13 x 19 frame. he was a little adamant about it.

"I'm looking for a 13" x 19" black picture frame for a vintage art print. DO NOT RESPOND WITH SIZES OTHER THAN 13" X 19" OR YOU WILL BE REPORTED!!!!!! Thanks!"

for a second i thought that it was Pat incarnate. but then there was the "Thanks!" business.

and then, someone posted that they had a 16 x 20 frame available. is there any justice in this world?

i wonder if that person got reported.

i can't imagine. i looked at his feedback profile and he is the ideal ebayer. if ebay was an academic institution he would apparently get an A++++++++++++ .

a patriot is he.

an ebaytriot.

hmm? oh yah, the Andrew Bird show. the man is awesome. i suppose i'll post on that. maybe a little later.

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