Friday, January 13, 2006

Rocked Like A Hurricane

Sorry spider-fans, I've been addled by a brain freeze. but no more.

Over the past few weeks, there's been the usual holiday rush, cold, unseasonable warmth, sadness because Carolyn has left for study abroad, a total music burnout from me burning cds of the classics for her with hand-picked bonus tracks and filling a book with them, and then... i just go blank.

but to help fill in that blank, i had a series of visitors: Elliott, Kelly and Robin. All seperate.

Here's a short story of Kelly. She was having some mama-drama during the visit. Not literally of course. So i decided to cheer her up with a little help from another Kelly who made us laugh, cry and yell back in our Forest Hills days:

And of course, it worked. But as time drew on, when Kelly would awake in the morning and be confronted with "Here I Am" it reminded her of something else... Something sinister...

So I had to oblige:

Happy New Year, Western World.

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