Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rush Limbaugh is insane!

No. Stephen Colbert is right. The bears have gone too far.

Sloth bears in a Dutch zoo chased this Barbary Macacque into an electric fence, which stunned it, and it got away in that wooden structure you see above. But the bear was huuuungry. HUUUUUUNNGRY!

Monkey eaten in front of children. tsk.

Its bad enough that the conservatives in charge have managed to distract the country from their mismanagement into thinking that illegal immigration is the #1 problem facing it. (i kno grammar bad, its 3:45am. f.u.)

This image alone should be enough to make America forget the name "Osama Bin Laden". (it goes down the lonely road of words like "universal healthcare")

i have no idea where the political angle came in. thats just what happens.

thats just what happens when you see a BEAR EATING A MONKEY.


linzi said...

how did the monkey get there? was it co-habiting with the sloth bears? or did he just wander in?

Jasonic said...

actually, they were cohabitating. for some reason the bears decided to go for it. my guess is that the monkey was an asshole.