Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Failed State did they?

The Fund for Peace and Foreign Policy magazine have released their 2006 Failed States Index.

Sudan (ranked at #1) leads the list somehow, even though the D.R. Congo (2) has a government barely able to operate outside its capital city. Of course this is a shitting contest because both are the home to wholesale slaughter. One is a little more state-sponsored-y than the other. Humanism not high on the agenda.

Meanwhile, the US (128) is very far from this state, but i thought it would be in the green (Sustainable, like Norway (146 - highest and most sustainable), Sweden (145) and Canada (139)), but instead we are in the yellow (monitoring, like most of Western Europe and some fun states like Estonia (111), Oman (117) and Uruguay (120)) .

The factors that went into it regard the use of state power in internal security and strife, human rights abuses, economic factors.

Seems about right to me.

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