Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pub Quiz Update #WHTZ-100 (Triosby)

Tues April 26
Team Name: Theooooooooooooooooooooo!
(House of Cosby reference)
Placement: 1st
Points: 121
Comments: an amazing come-from-behind. Chiang Kai Shek my ass. Ignorant Folk from the South refer to Ice Hockey as a slur offending homosexuals participating in a race on ice. This is why Canadian teams such as the Winnipeg Jets and Quebec Nordiques become (not factually) Nashville Predators and Phoenix Coyotes and Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning. what?

Pub Quiz updates of days past and uncovered:

written by Jonathan Airport:

Pub Quiz Update #4
Tues March 28, 2006
Team name: Buttzilla
Placement: Didn't place
Points: Don't know

Skinner: Oh, it won't come down for months. Curse the man who invented helium! Curse Pierre-Jules-Cesar Janssen. Now to find out who did this...Bart! Empty your pockets.

Bart: Empty _my_ pockets, you say? [does so] Well, certainly, but I fail to see how --

Skinner: [picking something up] Hmm...blueprints of the dummy... notarized photos of you _making_ the dummy...and an alternate wording for the _banner_, "Buttzilla".

Pub Quiz Update #5
Tues April 4, 2006
Team name: Curse Jean-Pierre-Cesar Janssen!
Placement: 1st
Points: Don't know

Curse our memories of the name of the inventor of helium!

Pub Quiz Update #6
Tues April 11, 2006
Team name: Curse Pierre-Jules-Cesar Janssen!
Placement: 3rd
Points: I forget

Skinner: Oh, it won't come down for months. Curse the man who invented helium! Curse Pierre-Jules-Cesar Janssen!

Pub Quiz Update #7
Tues April 18, 2006
Team name: Naked Cosby
Placement: 3rd
Points: 97?

Invoking, then defiling name of Cosby with nakedness did us nothing but harm.

thank you. i also went to London and Barcelona.


Jonathan Airport said...

Theooooooooooooooooooooo! is not so much a House of Cosby reference as it is just a Cosby Show reference.

Think about all those times Cliff had to take a dump, and Theo was primping for a date with a nice girl who Cliff would later embarrass Theo in front of with his unique brand of Jibber Jabber.

For some reason all I can remember* from the Cosby show are the awkward exits that one of the children and a guest would make (or actually any character and a guest would make). The camera would follow them out the door and then there would be an odd pause before it cut back to Cliff and Claire. Like a pause to respect.

*I also remember the time Cliff ate some chili in the kitchen and it was really hot.

Jasonic said...

i would have to say that the spirit of "Theoooooooooooooooooooooooo!" of that night came more from House of Cosby, with its bad Cosby impersonators than the sacred Cosby Show with its rituals.

I also believe that your impression of the Cosby show is similarly based upon blasphemy. that "hippin and the hoppin and the bippin and the boppin" and Jello pudding consumption was also actually in the show.

another sacred pause would be to show time. even if two scenes occured in the same room, they would cut to an exterior shot of the house and then go back into same room. amen.

be careful or one day whilst attending your errands you receive the "Zrbtt" of death.

Jonathan Airport said...

Well the hot chili scene is from episode #416 "The Drum Major". I was 7 years old when it aired on that cold Thursday night. Regardless, your criticism of my remarks has struck precisely and struck deep.