Friday, March 03, 2006

Pub Quiz update #1

I've been meaning to update about my pub quiz team.

For years i've been coming up with band names but have regretfully no music skill or band. So at least i've been able to contribute to having a good name for our team.

We play at Flann O'Brien's in Brigham Circle on Tuesday nights because its convenient and we do much better there than at Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Square. Damn Harvard kids. Teams compete with a max of 6 people, which we all try to have. Our team competes mainly to counter teams of our Simmons grad school library science friends (such as Elliott's sister Sarah and Jon's girlfriend Chrissy) and our fellow NU grad engineer friends (Barry, Andy).

We typically pick a name through a painfully democratic process taking a half hour. Its painful because i do not always win the competition. If we win or place 2nd or 3rd (which we do, more often than not), we usually keep the name. I like to go with names that confuse and horrify in an abstract or brutalist way.

The librarians usually go with "Teenage Fathers Against Nicotine (TFAN)". which i hate. The Engineers are usually "Team X" which they've dropped to go with a movie band name. Such as their first pick "Wyld Stallions" from Bill and Ted.

We started off as Soylent Green Cattleprod. Which I did not pick. It was Barry's choice during a formative period. We did well with good placements.

When we lost, me and Jon played off a Simpsons reference. Our name was "The Cure Is Killing Me and the Toaster's Been Laughing At Me". a play off of Homer's famous "The Doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughin at me!" during the evil Krusty doll Halloween episode as well as a comment during a previous game when the Cure was playing during a question and Scott said "The Cure is killing me".

After losing that one after a good streak, my memory loses me. There was one regrettable time when i wasn't there for the naming and we were "A Dingleberry Ate My Baby". pathetic 1st grade poop joke name.

One after that was a particularly awful name that i enjoyed (and chose): "Its A Family of Hair". named after listening to "Its a Family Affair" and remembering hometown hair salons named "Hair It Is" and "Hair We Are".

An excellent one (that i picked) recently was "Dick Cheney Shot a 78 Year Old Man (in the face)". we got 2nd that time. wonderful, got some laughs plus a dynamite "And in 2nd place..."

After that I was in London visiting the lovely Carolyn.

That week the team became "Throw Up In My Mouth". another horrid name picked by some girl i dont know.

Upon my return I lobbied to have it changed. Democracy changed it to "Dick Cheney in My Mouth". a rather sad compromise which still got a few chuckles.

This week: Dick Cheney In My Mouth - 84 points, 4th place. players: Me, Jon, Cassie, Mike, Scott, Keith.

finishing 4th behind Wyld Stallions (NU Engineers) in 1st, Teenage Fathers Against Nicotine (Simmons Library Science) in 2nd.

We'll be in touch, so you be in touch.



Night Owl City said...

The librarian's name in recent weeks has not been TFAN, it's something to do with a kitchen. I can't remember what.

Jasonic said...

quiet, you.

Logan said...

I dunno, Soylent Green Cattleprod is pretty damn good.

Did you have a grand ole time in London?