Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pub Quiz Update #2

Welcome friends to Pub Quiz Update.

Last night was a bit of a farce, it was Northeastern's spring break.

This meant that the bar was mostly empty and there were only 5 teams. 3 of which were mine and my friends.

Our team suffered from some casualties and causalities.

Cassie was taken ill. Jon was taken by Chrissy (and for the librarians, vice versa).

In their stead came two powerful substitutes in the form of JessO and Laura (Cassie's friend from TX and OK).

Right before the game, I'd just been listening to Goldfrapp's excellent new album "Supernature" and was quite taken with its 2nd single "Ride a White Horse". i wanted us to be something with the slight coccaine reference of "i want to ride on a white horse". Then with a quick remembrance of Scarface and Grand Theft Auto 3, we came up with a bastardization of the hit song featured in both "Rush Rush (to me, yayo)". Silly, referencing the 80s and coccaine. For no reason whatsoever. almost perfect and useless. Thus, our name.

We had some struggles. Remembered that Lincoln was born in Kentucky. Found out that the founder of Texas was Austin, not Houston. I came across the realization that the flamethrower was first used in WWI by the Germans. Why? I reasoned that tanks were being used at that point, and the best defense against early tanks? flamethrower. score. and other stupid crap.

It was a crazy evening.

Jess spilled her drink and broke her glass on poor Laura.

Laura forgot her wallet after leaving and Jess lost her cellphone.

Scott felt he'd smoked too many cigarettes (!)

You'd think we'd been on some sort of coke and booze-laced bender.

but no, just nerd olympics.


um so.

the standings,

in first place: Rush Rush with the Yayo (us) (110pts)
in second place: The Night Kitchen (librarians) (96 pts)
in third place: The Minus 3 (engineers) (93 pts)

as always, the contra team pulls out ahead.

and for 2.5 hours, our lives are meaninful once more.

much like the quiz God gives you before you go to heaven...

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