Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The #1 Public Policy Question Answered

(thanks to Andy for the NYT link)

Where's the money?

More specifically, where's $1.2 trillion of it?

Its helping the Bush administration save face in an unwinnable war.

The New York Times has a piece (here) outlining the cost of the war and its future costs compared to what it could have bought us otherwise. Its pretty tame on that "otherwise". However, even if yr all about 9-11 and the avoidance of another, even following the 9-11 Commission's recommendations amounts to pocket change.

However, since the Pentagon is about the only "Big Government" people think their tax dollars should go to, its meaningless.

Perhaps if you funded a Universal Health Care bill and called it: "The Fighting Terrorists, Gays and Immigrants Bill" we could get something accomplished.

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