Monday, January 15, 2007

No Easy Way Out

My roommates are watching Rocky IV.

In it is the terribilific song "No Easy Way Out" by Robert Tepper.

He is a one-hit wonder from Bayonne, NJ. That is hard.

Here is his video:

This man cannot be categorized. Except by Wikipedia which has him in several categories, such as: '1965 births', 'American singer-songwriters', 'Living people', 'New Jersey Musicians' (!), and 'Rocky Music'.

What is also amazing is how easy it was to write music in the 80s.

I wanted to say that this song was the bastard child of every Bon Jovi non-ballad from the 80s, in particular "you give love a bad name" and the bridge and chorus to Talk Talk's "It's My Life". But i feel that this sullies Talk Talk in an unnecessary way, considering there are a million songs from the 80s similar to today's subject.

Find them, rock out to their melodic and infectious rock chorus. Understand why during the 80s on sitcoms, the goofy teenagers who sang and danced and valued hairspray always said they wanted to be "rock star"s rather than the more apt term "pop star".

speaking of the 80s, as you know it was both a great time for me (lots of friends and outdoors) and a difficult one (racism, needless assholes). dealing with how rather meaningless and hairsprayed the culture in my 80s suburban NJ childhood was. it made me a little afraid:

i always felt my doom being precipitated by everyone in this video. the final march to end me happening similarly to 0:18 - 0:20 and 0:59 - 1:02 in this video.

one particularly bright bulb on youtube had this to say in response to Bon Jovi's 'Living on a Prayer': "I <3 this song but not as much as My Chemical Romances I'm not Okay."


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