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Spam Poetry for Jan 37, 1953

I'm always fascinated by the spam of today. It's definitely not the spam of 1995. There are wonderful names and fascinating stories. Though, the graphics are as bad as 1995.

But the stories... Either they are from a book or perhaps warnings from a war-torn post-apocalyptic world of which the only functioning economy is based on selling cheap viagra over the internet.

From: "Mehalia Bluitt"
To: "Ruadha Easter"
Re: endway hoopl
"to the concert site. There was a grove of trees here that were serving

Hello, Tremearne, are you there?
How I wish you were in charge next door rather than that hairy
Let me tell you it was like suicidesville around here when we heard
science building. Do you know about it?
In the science building. So it must be gone too.
the wall have no idea that we watch them closely and I wish it to
have indicated you might be able to track the artifact in this
Such rhythm and beauty! he said.
back to the ground.
of the most ancient data bases, the lyric written in a long-lost"

From: "Fiachna Alewine"
To: "Jaume Eady"
Re: my stockyar
" Sit, he commanded. Behind us was a clank and rattle, a hiss of

looking for something in the pool, and have to work very very hard
They were nattily., dressed in camouflaged uniforms and steel helmets,
looking at the sky. When we were ready to go, Svinjar himself came
that same afternoon.
I know that now-and it wont wash. We would have been a lot better
these has been developed right outside the Pentagon. They call
Tremearne shook his head. No idea. Looks like a wall, thats all.
Paradise. A rusty, chipped old fedha will do . . .
passed me he dropped something small into my lap. I waited a minute"

From: "Nekane Milam"
To: "Izz Lookabaugh"
Re: my undergraduat
"and stepped aside as the door opened. A chubby, bearded youth came in

examination. Floyd had dug a small flute out of his pack and played a
The blade slashed out to slit my throat.
struggle by one of your lot who did nothing to help.
Ive nothing to say . . .
The guard stationed there lowered his gun and pointed it at my belt
if you see anything-anything at all.
Keeping me going, aint that a bitch!
miserable or dead. Besides, the military is no place for a groom man.
with all of us playing it. Then they animated a computer-generated
Bang-on, Jim, he said in a low voice. The story is trying to tell"

From: "Elmo Helbig"
To: "Gweneth Littleton"
Re: my minif
"asked for and I modified everything in the machine shop. It was
the bottom?
It was. The next day an anorexic and pallid young man was brought to

last black-robed Fundamentaloid crawled over the horizon, the trampled
back of my chair because Aidas voice whispered in my ear.
What if there were settlers here-only they were hidden away
position to choose. I executed a quick leap back to the entrance door,
Its not a matter of liking or not liking it, she said reading my
and I will see what I can do.
planet named Ochaye, which is perhaps galaxy-famous for its other
to some pretty luxurious, although still red brick, quarters. He"

From: "Zeta Pavon"
To: "Blaanid Goode"
Re: my orderfor
"oon as possible. This is what will happen. You will be taken to a

When his master commanded the ambulatory war-machine clanked and
prosper by utilizing their energy in a more positive manner. It was a
Dont shoot-I want him alive. For the moment.
garbage world.
nice day it was. Bite your tongue she used to say.
Itchy foot, itchy foot, itchy foot itch!
Two seconds. Weapons swinging on all sides. My best defense was to
consternation among them when they discover how things have changed
before she mentioned the gig."

From: "Benson Twombly"
To: "Jillie Nesby"
Re: meda = telephotograph
" I did. Mumbling through mouthfuls of breakfast.
old. He rummaged deeper in the box, then looked around with a childish

thirty-day poison beginning to bubble and seethe in my bloodstream.
enthusiasm we played two more numbers before I called a break.
And with a million credits in the bank you can buy lawyers, live the
Do that and Ill bet that eventually we get into some kind of
down well with the troops. They were still cheering when there was a
nutcases planting century-old bombs.
in probing further. The door opened and our guide reappeared.
The thing stopped barking and spoke. Just want to report that I am
What good will you do me-if the trial will be after my execution?"

From: "Tullia Dodrill"
To: "Hamza Belmonte"
Re: Besseme = profligat
" Jim-not sweetie. And why did you call me that?
could see now that a wicked scar slashed across his face and the

decision is up to you.
tell me-do you write your own lyrics . . . ?
antique side. They dragged in arm-thick Cables, antique-looking,
Svinjars laughter sounded clearly. He was rocking in his chair,
Stand here, Indefatigable ordered, then joined Dreadnought and sat
filed in, each carrying a folding chair size=2>pointing. Pretty crude and crummy, I thought, but spoke not my
nuts in case they want to come back for seconds. Then rest up until
they were arranging around the platform; there were even a few flowers"

From: Darin Mcdaniel
Subject: Are of Seat
"kind, the former less. Thus there is a reference here to an external counting, one is prior to two, and two to three, and thus injustice will also be a quality: neither quantity, nor relation, difficult to remove, or indeed remain throughout life. For in the same
not called sweet because it is affected in a specific way, nor is this particular attitudes, but attitude is itself a relative term. To reference to something else, for we mean a knowledge of something. But perceived and a body in which perception takes place. Now if that
blindness a privative, but to possess sight is not equivalent to is not derived from that of any quality; for lob those capacities have of my own, and in the meanwhile to walk by the porters side, and put predicated; for it is those, as we proved, in the case of which
truly three than another set. Again, one period of time is not said to justice is the contrary of injustice and justice is a quality, made in the case of certain secondary substances. With regard to the constitution of every appropriate subject. For when a thing has
Besides these senses of the word, there is a fourth. That which is of the perceptible; by the perceptible, that which is apprehended by property of that subject, as heat is of fire. For it is possible and this appears to be the most remote meaning of the term, for by the
intermediate between these contraries may very well be present in by the term slave we mean the slave of a master, by the term subjects which belong to the same species or genus. Disease and health being blind, both would be predicated of the same subject; but
by certain permanent and lasting affections, are called affective Instances of discrete quantities are number and speech; of access of shame, might be a result of a mans natural temperament, said to be constitutionally pale. He is said rather to have been
be applicable properly to injustice. So it is with all other are called experts because we possess knowledge in some particular it is in the case of those opposites only, which are opposite in the in virtue of the fact that the latter is greater than others of its
It may be questioned whether it is true that no substance is own head for a crime with the news of which the country rang. To-day I many relative terms. We did say that habits and dispositions were also is explained by its relation to its opposite, knowledge. For
prior to two. For if two exists, it follows directly that possible to know their essential character definitely, but it does not relative, as seems to be the case, or whether exception is to be"

From: vatican
Subject: Have as Constitute
"aised her face and recognised me; seemed to hesitate, and then came on Are we not to have our walk to-day either? so I faltered. Deed, and I thought you knew me better. I have not behaved quite well wanting to go away and be forgotten; and my father will have guided his
to dwell more upon the first than upon the second, and to be more least I could do is just to hold my tongue, which was what I intended again, I wish you could see into my heart, I cried. You would read before him from the door. This was so done I thought on purpose that
step pass overhead, and saw her on the stair. This she descended very You have no right to speak to me like that, said I. What have I would just mint to her I was in some kind of a danger; a weemenfolk my mouth. She had left behind at her departure all that she had ever
that I should call you so for the last time. I have done the best that she wore often at her neck, I observed there was a corner neatly cut to supply me, and I thought I would have burst like a man at the bottom I took this for a hint that I was to be going also, and got up;
are respected; I will make the same my business, as I have all through. I am caring less and less about this man James, said Alan. Theres I slept little and ill. Long ere it was day, I had slipped from beside most admire in it. But the point, my worthy fellow, is sometimes in a
least I could do is just to hold my tongue, which was what I intended did at times; I think he was so false all through that he scarce knew Catriona, said I, I am in a very painful situation; or rather, so we five wounds. But the loss of him is that the mans boss.
the interval quite still; but she had a look that I cannot put a name the girl once more left to herself. She greeted me on my admission heard tell of a lassie like this one of yours. The way that you tell again, I wish you could see into my heart, I cried. You would read
mans fine presence and great ways went together pretty harmoniously. the deil, or James More either. During this absence, the time was to to be in some concern upon his daughters health, which I believe was was surprised to see James More accept it. It was plain he had had a
blow. It was a hint that was more contemptuous than a command, and I Catriona, I cried, gazing on her hard, is it a mistake again? Am I Catriona again, because tears and weakness were ready in my heart, and been placed in an unfair position; if she had deceived herself and me,
But if that was like to be my part, I found that at least I was not already besought my forbearance, any excess of pressure must have For it was of course in my own rooms that I found them, when I came to"
beautiful painful prose.

Our poetry selection? here:

"A curly and cool store against the farm break."
"static wrong road. static ston ten.
payment slope block source. ten select go
message open twelve sit."
"tell better couple deep four offered second including threat know french find flights"

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Clearly it is a code to which I answer:

"Starting look, image right each.
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Dragon interview, renowned fantasy. Panthers clip capssoccer stadium draws sports federal pentagon. Town events, en espaol spanish, language."

You must now give me the treasure!